You’re in the right place if you’re ready to revel in the truth of who you are.

Create Happy is about helping women who give too much to everyone and everything, take care of themselves and their own happiness.

It’s my passion and purpose to help women own who they are, express their truth, and experience radical self-approval. By creating happiness from the inside out, by filling your own cup, you are able to give more to the people and world around you. 

I am quite sure the world will be happier when women are happier.

How many of these statements do you identify with?

I’m exhausted from keeping everything together

I can’t keep up in any area of life to feel successful

I’m not living authentically and I’m not even sure what that means

I often say yes when I really mean no

I place other people’s needs and wants above my own

I don’t feel great about myself and tend to beat myself in my mind

I snap and have little patience for the people I love

I feel dependent on others for strength

If one or more of these feel like truth to you and are currently causing you pain and stress, then here’s how I can support you:

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