Your Best Weapon Is Your Happiness

I have burst into tears many times over the past few weeks. It’s impossible to go 15 minutes without hearing of another devastatingly tragic event. Rape, senseless deaths, the spewing of hate.

I’ve felt sad, angry, disappointed, and apathetic at times. I’ve also felt deep compassion for everyone affected and even compassion for the perpetrators. I can’t imagine what pain would drive someone to take such actions.

In times like this it’s easy to say “f*ck it, the world is going to hell in a hand basket, what’s the point?” In times like this, it’s also easy to see that the world is full of beautiful people that are loving, kind, and compassionate.

It’s our choice where we look. It’s our choice whether to feel disdain and hatred or love and compassion.

In times like this you have to be relentless about your focus. You have to be diligent about your happiness. You have to hold onto to it like it’s the most precious thing in the world, because it is.

While the dimmest light can rid the darkness, darkness cannot get rid of the light. We have the power to be the light.

When you are happier, the world is happier. When you are happier it spills out into every area of life and every person you touch, see, or speak to.

If we were collectively happier, if there were less people in pain in the world, perhaps the world would be a more peaceful place.

Some may see this as naive, but I see this as true. I see it as a call to action. If we do nothing other than focus on our own peace and joy, I believe we are doing some of the most important work we can do.

It’s high time we learn to love ourselves, trust ourselves, empower ourselves, and be happy, so we can spread that out into the world. We can only give, when we are full.

So many women reached out and shared with me their challenges last week. I heard that we often don’t feel worthy, capable, or confident. This is not okay.

The Create Happy 31 Day Challenge will no longer be available as of June 30th. Before it disappears, or comes back looking completely different, I wanted to let you know.

This challenge was created to help you shift your focus and perspective towards joy, towards happiness, towards self-love, esteem, and worth. It’s my hope that the world will shift, even if just a little, when you and others are actively focused on creating your happiness for 31 days.

To send extra love out into the world, from now until June 30th, 10% of sales from the Create Happy Challenge will go to OneOrlando Fund, who is helping respond to the needs of the Orlando community, now and in the time to come, after the effects of the Pulse tragedy. Another 10% of sales will go to The Rape Crisis Center who provides care for those impacted by sexual violence through crisis intervention, counseling, and prevention education.

To learn more about the challenge or to sign up, click here. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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