Stay In Your Own Lane

One of the most detrimental things to your own happiness is the comparison of yourself to other people, and using their personal progress as a barometer for where you “should” be – physically, professionally, romantically.

We wonder why they’re farther than us, better than us, have it easier than us, yet we fail to take into account all of the many factors that play into someone’s success. We fail to take into account that each person has their own handicaps, natural gifts and the fact that everyone on this earth is learning their own unique lessons.

This makes comparison completely moot. You cannot possibly compare yourself to anyone else in a way that makes sense. The only comparison that makes sense is the comparisons you make to yourself.

When you stay in your own lane and focus on yourself, you can see how far you’ve come, where you need support, and where you’re going. You can see how you’ve been gifted with advantages and how your challenges are no better or worse than anyone else’s.

When you compare yourself to someone on a completely different journey, with completely different gifts, handicaps, wisdom, and lessons to learn, you are robbing yourself of your own practice of happiness and success.

When you stay in your own lane you can celebrate with the people you love. Their success no longer equals your capacity (or lack thereof) for success and happiness. Jealousy can instead be transmuted into joy for other people. And when you learn how to celebrate everyone, you can allow for celebration of yourself.

Teddy Roosevelt said, “comparison is the thief of joy” and he is right.

Rather than saying, “I should be farther,” say, “look at how far I’ve come.”

Rather than feeling discouraged because it’s happening faster for other people, have faith in timing.

Trust that the lessons you’re learning are the ones you’re meant to learn, the gifts you have are the ones you’re meant to have and that’s the same for other people. Trust in your uniqueness. Trust in the uniqueness of others.

Commit to being better than who you were yesterday.

Forgive yourself for not being more [fill in the blank].

Your progress can only my measured when you’re comparing yourself to YOU.

Who says you’re not exactly where you should be?

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