Looking Back On The Year


I wanted to write a quick note before we usher in the New Year.

I hope the holidays were celebrated with love, patience (always need some of that in December ;), and kindness.

There’s a lot of talk of lofty goals around this time. Pressure to accomplish and be somewhere else, somewhere where we feel is “better” than where we are.

We don’t often take the time to look back and see how far we’ve come. How strong we are. How capable. How ready and willing we are to rise to the occasion.

Tonight, I’ll be partaking in a little ritual (laid out here) with a dear friend. The intention of this is to articulate everything that we are proud of this year. To honor all that we’ve accomplished so we can move forward toward our goals with appreciation and an understanding of our capacity.

When you look back, positively, you cultivate confidence.

Yes, I am also looking forward. I have big dreams for 2016, big plans for Create Happy, and my eyes set on presence, joy, spaciousness, and love.

To look forward, I ask you, how can you embrace more of who you truly are in the New Year? Where have you been acting in a way that not truly YOU?

Use this simple question as a guide.

For me, I like to choose themes and words for years. This year my word is GRACE.

To embrace more grace and acceptance towards myself and others and our imperfections. To move with grace when I fall, fail, and need to get back up. To embody grace.

What’s your word? What are you looking to create in 2016?

Comment below and let me know!!

Cheers to 2016!


PS – I have 2 spots available for private coaching in January 2016. If you want to align who you truly are with who you’re presenting to the world, I encourage you to learn more about private coaching and apply here.


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